500 Processing Information from Satellite Broadcasting

Through connecting to a satellite dish there is reception to thousands of TV channels and radio stations. From all the broadcast content, one can find news channels, economics and finance, history, films, docu-comedy, music, sports, nature, science, journeys, reality shows, children's channels, fashion and lifestyle channels, Religion, propaganda channels, and more.

In a daily reality in which the media is a reality structure and anyone can pass along his message in a basically free manner to the world, there is great importance to the content that is spread through radio and television broadcasts.
For the service we are offering there is the ability through the latest technologies to receive the most broadcasts. Through a unique technology I am able to follow broadcasts and to analyze content according to a client's specific demands.

One can analyze the broadcast content with an emphasis on specific channels, broadcast packages and types of content passed along on any channel in a variety of languages.