I served at top-level positions in some various fields and have a rich experience in the communication and media world and also I have a deep background about economic and finance (specialist for the financial media).

I have a Bachelor's degree in Communications from the Open University, I am an alumni of an practical engineering school program for electronics and computers, and also professional courses in business and finance. In addition, I have a much experience in the world of economic communications.

Between 2007 - 2015, I was the Founder and Director of Globes' spokesperson's department, Israel's leading business newspaper.

In my work I founded Globes' spokespersons department, which I regularly managed for 8 years and with my entering this position, I became the first person in Israel to found an internal spokespersons department for an Israeli newspaper.

However, I also served as spokesperson and manager of the communications system for Globes international conferences, including: Israel's business conference, the leading economic event in Israel (a convention that was held for 3 days); capital market conference; real estate conference; media, internet and market share conference; and for special projects and events in which the organization was involved.

It is worth noting that at all these events the speakers and the delegations were from all over the world, and many important people participated such as Presidents, Prime Ministers, ministers, members of parliament, heads of companies and organizations, governors of the banks around the world, key world economic players, business leaders, scholars, decision-makers, top executives, and diplomats, as well as promising young innovators and entrepreneurs, and more.

For many years I have been a member of a special group that developed content for programs and broadcasts in the field of economics and finance which are broadcast throughout the world. I am an analyst and publicist as well.

In addition, I have a rich experience in the high tech industry and also in the satellite world.