100 Investments in Israel

The Israeli economy is an advanced economic market and is considered one of the fastest developing economies in the world. The Israeli market is free and democratic like in all modern western countries based on regulations and competitive surroundings which encourage foreign investments and international collaboration. Israel has been member of the OECD organization since 2010.

The state of Israel is known as a place in which breakthroughs occur through universality where growth driving forces of success stories occur on a worldwide scale, and is known as a profitable location for investment. Israel has relative advantages over other countries which typically attract investors, because of the abundance of knowledge and technological innovativeness of Israeli industries. Another thing worth noting is the exceptional Israeli achievements throughout the world that were accomplished through the scientific skills and the entrepreneurial spirit.


100 Business Services – How to Get to Know the Israeli Economy

In order to understand in which field to invest, one should know well the area they choose to invest in. Taking advantage of business opportunities is a strategic growth lever for all companies and businesses. In reality, such business opportunities are critical in the continuation and widening of these activities.

Spotting opportunities, the quick and effortful reaction in order to allow for new activities are an obligatory reality in the resonant and competitive market.

“Aviram Givoni Media” distributes all the information and services needed to be up to date in all that is happening in the Israeli economy.

We developed a new model that based on the connection between media, business, economy and finance, who gives a specials services for peoples, brands and companies that want invest in Israel.

As part of the process of the services that our company provides to our customers we identify the correct and relevant information to each client based on their specific needs.

We go over all that goes on in Israel, follow the business developments in the Israeli market and evaluate the markets situation. As such, we deliver detailed information on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis, which gives a detailed and in-depth analysis of the situation in a variety of languages.

“Aviram Givoni Media” specializes in content, performing research and dissecting all the information for the international business community.

With the help of an advanced technological infrastructure the information is processed, researched and dissected by a skilled group and passed along to clients in the fastest possible manner.